This is the process that most clients go through to create their own custom site, put it on the web, and update it as needed.

Initial Design

We will discuss your needs with you, and try to get an idea of what we would need to build. See the product page for some examples of what is possible.

Once we know what to build, we will need to arrive at an appropriate “look and feel”. You can tell us if there are any sites that have a design that appeals to you. Although we would never directly copy another site’s design, we can use other examples as inspiration.

During the design phase, we will put a temporary site on the web, perhaps something like, that only you will see. Once we get the details worked out, it will be time to deploy.


After your site is in production, you will likely want updates from time to time. Some sites, e.g. blogs, allow you to update your own content. But for the others, we can add new items, remove old items, edit existing items, or whatever you need. We can also make minor changes in the design. All of these things are usually done without additional charge.

If you ever wish to effect a major change, e.g. create a new look and feel, we will bill you hourly, or by the project, depending on what works best for the situation.


If you ever wish to end hosting with us, we will gladly give you control of the domain, and help you archive your content.