Our product is web hosting. But that can mean many different things! Here are some of the things that a web site can do for you. Also check out the process on how you will find the right set of features for you.

A Domain Name

With luck, it can be your company name with a .com on the end. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of “domain squatting”, it may not be that easy. We will help you find the most suitable domain for your needs.

A Web Site

The main product will be one or more web pages hosted on your domain. What kind of web site? Here are a few examples.

  • Fixed content: we can host a set of articles, documents, etc. in an organized fashion. When you have a new item to host, you send it to us, and we add it to your site.
  • Blog: A site with articles that you can update yourself. The most recent articles are displayed on the front page, and there are ways for the reader to find any article on the site.
  • Gallery: an attractive, interactive viewing of a set of images. We can arrange so that you may add new images, or you can send them to us.
  • Something else? Many other things are possible. Just ask!


You will probably want to be able to receive email addressed to your domain. We can handle this at least two different ways:

  1. Email sent to your domain is forwarded to your current email provider.
  2. A full email service, provided by Google.
We recommend the full service, since Google has an amazing user interface and exceptional spam filtering. As always, we will work with you to produce what you need.


A calendar? A commerce site with a shopping cart? A full-blown custom application? We may or may not be able to accomodate you, and if we cannot, we will tell you right away.